About Contrary

Contrary is a venture fund that identifies the world’s top early-career engineers, designers, and product minds, connects them with a close-knit, career-long support community, and invests in companies they start or join.

Backed by the founders of Tesla, Reddit, Facebook, and many more iconic companies, we're building the de facto platform for talented builders early in their careers.

We started out in 2016 with a venture capital fund laser-focused on backing a small number of exceptional entrepreneurs.

Over time, we've continued doubling down on our strategy, expanding our reach along the way. Contrary Talent is the most recent example of this.

The role

Ultimately, our mission is to build the layer connecting every talented, ambitious, and ethical young person nationwide, for life. Your mission is to be the multi-talented Associate who operates and invests alongside Will Robbins and Eric Tarczynski.

What you'll do

We considered naming this role Apprentice or Chief of Staff. But Associate is the easiest to communicate.

Contrary has always been half startup, and half venture fund. Historically, we've all worn multiple hats. Our team of seven runs the back office, fundraises, manages our deal pipeline, operates the venture partner community, does marketing, and more.

Together, we will:

What's in it for you

Ideally, joining Eric, Will and the rest of the team will be the start of a life-long working relationship and friendship. Here are a few of the unique things to consider about Contrary: