Contrary identifies the world’s top talent, and invests in companies they start or join.

Backed by iconic founders from Tesla, Reddit, Facebook, and many more, we identify and invest in the world’s top talent – first – and then relentlessly support them from seed to scale.

With this approach, we've been first or early checks into companies like Ramp, Hallow, Zepto, Memora Health, Brightland, Alloy, Lightyear, and many others.


We've invested in everything from delivery, to defense, to dog food. Some startups were little more than an idea and a team when we partnered, while others were doing millions of dollars of revenue each month.

We have big plans as we grow our investing team, and you'll be a core part of that. As generalists, you'll support our portfolio, meet new founders, build our networks across different spaces, communicate with LPs, and get in the weeds of nitty-gritty tasks that come with operating a venture fund.

One day you may be helping a startup recruit from our talent network, and another day you may be researching the cardiac rehab software market.

But perhaps the most unique part is that nothing is off-limits. Many junior investment positions at venture capital funds are fixed-term, narrow-focus roles. This is not one of them, and we'll invest deeply in your long-term success.

If that means sticking around for the long haul and becoming a well-respected, full-stack investor, we'll be the first to support that and teach you the trade. Or if at some point you want to go start your own company, we'll be your first investors.

Either way, we believe in working closely together with the distant future in mind.


Contrary is ultimately in the business of identifying stellar people, wherever they come from. You'll work with the investing team to:


We expect breadth and rigor both intellectually and operationally but are very amenable to alternative backgrounds. Your education and work histories are far less important to us than what you've personally accomplished.