Contrary identifies the world’s top talent, and invests in companies they start or join.

Backed by iconic founders from Tesla, Reddit, Facebook, and many more, we identify and invest in the world’s top talent – first – and then relentlessly support them from seed to scale.


At the core of our investment strategy are the hundreds of talented future founders with whom we nurture relationships. With programs such as our Talent Fellowship, we aggregate the most ambitious and entrepreneurial builders worldwide, support them in making friends, finding jobs, and raising capital when it comes time to “take the leap” and start a company.

Whether it is helping people in the Contrary network find cool startups they should join, connecting them with potential cofounders, negotiating job offers, or figuring out what role will best set them up for success, we want to be their first call and one-stop-shop.

That’s why we’re looking for a Coaching Lead to support our community members on their entrepreneurial journeys!


Contrary is ultimately in the business of identifying stellar, entrepreneurial people and supporting them throughout their career journeys. As Coaching Lead, you will:


We expect breadth and rigor both intellectually and operationally, but are very amenable to alternative backgrounds. Your education and work history are far less important to us than what you've personally accomplished.

That said, we've listed a handful of qualities that we think are important: